Les Marionettes trouvées, Het Narrenschip, Ensor 2024

Oever Gallery, Oostende (BE)
30 maart - 26 mei 2024

Koen Vanmechelen’s artworks will be shown in 'Het Narrenschip'; an exhibition organized next year in Ostend to celebrate Belgian grandmaster James Ensor, who will have passed away 75 years ago in 2024. Through the multifaceted city festival ‘Ensor 2024’ the true face of 'the man behind the masks' will be revealed. Curator Joannes Késenne will include Vanmechelens’ artworks, which contain masks in different materials, hinting to the mystical oeuvre of Ensor. 'Het Narrenschip' runs from 30 March until 26 May 2024.

Het Narrenschip

Through a multifaceted city festival including 6 exhibitions and 80 (participatory) activities visitors get immersed in the world of James Ensor. 'Het Narrenschip' is one of these exhibitions; curator Joannes Késenne brings outsider art into confrontation with insider art by contemporary artists. The artists form pairs and the shared source of inspiration is Ensor. Among other paired artists, Koen Vanmechelen is paired with Tinne Kers. Vanmechelens’ artworks will be exhibited at Oever Gallery. 'Het Narrenschip' is an artistic and inclusive project in collaboration with O.666 and 't Leeshuus.

Ensor 2024

In 2024, it will have been 75 years since James Ensor passed away in Ostend, the seaside city where he lived and worked throughout his life. The Ensor Year pays tribute to the Ostend grandmaster.

Participating artists (pairs):

Koen Vanmechelen and Tinne Kers at Oever Gallery.
Arpaïs Du Bois and Patrick Peeters at 't Leeshuus - Groentemarkt 3.
Fred Bervoets and Jos Holtappels at O.666 - Hendrik Baelskaai 27.
Christina Mignolet and Angélique Vantuykom in the Chapel of Our Lady of the College - Euphrosina Beernaertstraat.
Karl Philips and Marcel Houben in the Our Lady of the College - Euphrosina Beernaertstraat.
Koenraad Tinel and Gaston Wuestenbergs - location to be confirmed.


Exhibition info

Het Narrenschip
30.03 - 26.05.2024
't Leeshuus
Groentemarkt 3
8400 Oostende
Koen Vanmechelen’s works to be discovered at:
Oever Gallery
Hendrik Baelskaai 25/bus 001
8400 Oostende

Free admission

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