The CCP_PCC spans Koen Vanmechelen’s art and his entire philosophical universe. True to Vanmechelen's conviction that nothing exists in isolation, it’s a dual project. It transcends the person of the artist, but is guided by his gaze. In all its urgency, it questions the survival of humanity. Simultaneously, it’s searching for sustainable ways of living.

Biocultural diversity and identity are the alpha and omega of CCP/PCC, in which art and science coincide. Meetings and relationships, mixing and crossbreeding, and the tension between the global and local levels are all necessary for the potential that is hidden in every individual to flower. The chicken serves as a metaphor for humans, the egg is the world and the evolution it can set off when the shell breaks and the chick leaves its ‘cage’.


What's in a name? 

If you were asked to create life starting from basic elementary building blocks, there can only be one element you should pick to get things started and where it all comes down to: the carbon atom (C). It is carbon that will always serve as the basic skeleton and where all other stuff is attached to. The only other thing you need is energy, which in organic life is stored in phosphate (P) in ATP.

CCP_PCC, interesting link with the creation of life

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