Protecting the Other

The Battery Channel - Expo

A strange species sits on its nest. The animal is the crossing between a parrot and an iguana. It protects its egg. The next generation is what it cherishes.

The animal was born from a pandemic. A crisis that destroys and cages, but that also creates new opportunities. Especially in the intersection.

New things arise from volcanic explosions, suggests the painting at the back. The phoenix rises from the fire. In the situation of captivity, life is searching for survival.

Life always looks for crossing and pairing, for something new. It is searching for the other; the other human, the other species. After all, we depend on each other to survive, to live and thrive. Not knowing what or who will ever be needed for our future.

The painting shows the new development that is in full swing. The neon, the fiery thread of life, comes to the fore. It reveals the energy that violently breaks and erupts out of the egg. The frame, the cage, tell us that protection is needed to cherish the ingredients and give them a chance.

In the background, the jungle speaks of danger and opportunity. It is singing about death, regeneration, and birth.

It is the jubilant voice of life itself.

Exhibition Facts

From monday 11  -  friday 15 may
11h - 16h

Marcel Habetslaan 50
3600 GENK

Please note, visiting is only possible with respect to the Covid-19 measures