Stijn Coninx

Stijn Coninx graduated as a director from the RITCS in Brussels in 1980 with a documentary on Raoul Servais. He started his career as an assistant-director of several Belgian films. In 1987 he made his first full-length film with Hector.  In 1992, Coninx made Daens, a drama about the priest Adolf Daens, which won him a nomination for the Oscar for best non-English-language film. These first three films top the list of most successful Belgian films. After these great successes, Coninx continues to specialise in biopics such as Licht (Light) on Heleen van der Laan, To Walk Again on Marc Herremans, Sœur Sourire on Jeannine Deckers and Marina on Rocco Granata. Apart from films, he also directs television series. He worked together with Hugo Matthysen for Het Peulengaleis, Nefast for the party and Anneliezen and with Marc Didden for De Kavijaks. Currently, Stijn Coninx is head of film at the RITCS in Brussels.