Koen Vanmechelen on cross-pollination and the wild gene in podcast 'Wildernissen'

For their podcast 'Wildernissen' Laure and Linde Devroey invited Koen Vanmechelen for a conversation about cross-pollination and the wild gene of chickens and artists. Philosopher Norbert Peeters and writer Mariken Heitman join the conversation about domestication and "rewilding". Together they investigate the big and small wildernesses in the world. On the border between nature and culture, they bring reflections on the place of wildness in modern life.

'Wildernesses' visited LABIOMISTA; an evolving 24-acre work of art, an ode to the mix of life. A living lab, in a former zoo, where Vanmechelen creates art among the llamas, camels and Galloways.

The result is a visionary episode about rewilding as a future project, the importance of cross-pollination and the social role of the indomitable artist.

About the podcast Wildernesses

Wilderness works on the intersection of philosophy, ecology, literature and history. A dynamic team of young creators collaborate to produce the podcasts: nature policy expert Laure De Vroey, writer Sanne Huysmans, historian Hannes Delanoeije and philosopher Linde De Vroey.

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