Cosmogolem - The Future of Hope Foundation, Harare (ZW)

The Future of Hope Foundation (TFoHF) is an organization headquartered in Zimbabwe and founded in 2013. Its mission is to capacitate, collaborate with, support and mentor marginal and vulnerable members of society through entrepreneurial and self-development initiatives. They facilitate research and training in innovative initiatives that provide for and promote sustainable food, nutrition, and income security to improve the conditions necessary for every member of society to reach their full potential.

Inspired by the life experience of our founder Chido Govera who was an orphan and experienced many hardships including hunger and abuse but was able to turn her hardship into an empowering story. The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to end poverty, abuse, self- pity and victimhood, by enabling beneficiaries to step out of victim role and become change agents. 

Starting in Zimbabwe and initially, with a specific focus on women and girl orphans, the organization is packaging programs and value models that can be replicable across the African continent and beyond, building on the local biodiversity. 

At the TFoHF, the Cosmogolem is used in all training sessions to help all our beneficiaries, young and older, to express their hopes and dreams. The Cosmogolem workshopping processes help the expression of some difficult and heartwrenching stories and experiences in a more neutral and creative manner. We truly believe that it is this neutral and creative style of expression that moves one from self-pity and victimhood to set them on a path to being an agent of change!


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