Instead of Sleeping - Discover the invisible diversity of moths

NEW – from 6 August 2021

Borrow our moth counter!

Our day is their night. While we sleep, moths are awake. Together with thousands of other animals, insects, fungi, plants and bacteria, they awaken when we close our eyes. Discover this invisible biodiversity in your garden, park or outdoor area at school!

With a moth counter, you literally shine a light on what usually remain hidden from sight. Because, as the artist says, things only start happening when what we don’t know or can’t see becomes visible.

There’s more nature around us than we are willing or able to see. Moths are the perfect expression of that truth.


Koen Vanmechelen

Belgium is home to about 2,500 different moth species. That’s quite a large chunk of our country’s total biodiversity. In other words: one in 15 animal species in Belgium is… a moth. New moth species are identified each year. This is due to the changing climate, but also because more and more people are fascinated by the amazing diversity and beauty of moths.

And what about you? Are you ready to discover the invisible biodiversity in your backyard, park or outdoor area at school? Why not step inside the secret life that takes place at night and witness its incredible diversity. Once your eyes get used to the dark, and in all silence, the invisible will become observable.

Good luck!

Practical information

Schools, families and associations can borrow the moth counter for a week for €30. Please pay at reception by card (no cash)

• turn on your lamp from sunset to sunrise. It’s best to make your observations as early as possible, as the moths fly away again when the sun rises;

• after you’ve registered the moths, please release all back into the wild;

• the optimal weather conditions for registering moths are warm, dry nights (above 8 °C, with little wind and no rain, and not too much moonlight);

• register your observations via the Obsidentify app, or at – this is your contribution to the scientific study of the distribution of moths in Belgium.

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To book a moth counter, please contact:

LABIOMISTA visitor reception
+32 89 65 55 90 |
Marcel Habetslaan 60, 3600 Genk (België)

A project by OpUnDi Genk and Koen Vanmechelen


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