Food & drinks



Close to LABIOMISTA, you’ll find Nomadland. It’s an ideal meeting place, connecting the local neighbourhood to LABIOMISTA. Near the allotments and picnic areas, various colourful gypsy wagons offer local food and drinks. The wagons were built by local people, based on a concept developed by Koen Vanmechelen, and carried out in collaboration with the city of Genk. It’s the locals themselves who run the project, so come visit to soak up the unique local atmosphere.

General opening hours for Nomadland

You can come and have a picnic at any time.

The gypsy wagons will only be open at specific times:

  • During school holidays, from Tuesdays up to and including Sundays, from 11 am to 8.30 pm at the latest. In October and November 6.30 pm at the latest.
  • Outside school holidays, only on weekends and public holidays, from 11 am to 8.30 pm at the latest.

Opening hours remain subject to change if corona measures are updated.


Are you planning a visit to LABIOMISTA with a group of more than 20 people? How about having a picnic with your group, or having a drink and a bite to eat in the cozy surroundings of Nomadland? Please contact us beforehand. This is only possible during the general opening hours.

Only after reservation: / +32 (0)89 65 55 90



Food and drinks within walking distance

By bike or car

  • Raineri Italian delicacies, supermarket
  • Zaveldriesstraat Various shops
  • Hoevenzavellaan Various shops
  • Vennestraat Various restaurants

These vibrant streets are a just a stone’s throw from LABIOMISTA. Here, you’ll find various local shops, bakeries and restaurants with flavours from all over the world.

Ask for the free cycling map and the map with Genk hotspots in LABIOMISTA’s reception building.

No catering in the park

A deliberate choice was made not to offer commercial catering within the Cosmopolitan Culture Park. Instead, LABIOMISTA prefers to support local businesses and initiatives. Eating and drinking is allowed in the park, but not inside the buildings (with the exception of the park pavilion LabOvo). Bring your own lunch, but kindly use as much reusable packaging as possible. You can also order a picnic basket – see information below. You can get water to drink in the reception building. Bring a reusable bottle or buy one in the shop.