Meat — Meet — Me, 60x60 Food = Politics + Pleasure

Museum Brot und Kunst, Ulm (DE)
02 July - 14 October 2022

Koen Vanmechelen participates in the international, multi-facetted and diverse “60x60 Food = Politics + Pleasure” video exhibition at Museum Brot und Kunst in Germany. "60×60" is a global film project that combines 60 short films of 60 seconds from a variety of  international artists.The overarching theme is food in both political and cultural contexts.  Vanmechelen shows Meat — Meet — Me; a video portraying the artist eating a chicken to draw attention to the fact that this animal is ever-present and indispensable in our modern consumer society. The sequence is played backwards, giving the impression that the artist is un-consuming the chicken.

The short films are comprised into a video collage of approximately one hour in length. It is on display at the museum from 2nd July to 14th October, 2022. The video can also be streamed online on two different occasions. The exhibition features other renowned artists such as Shahar Marcus, Elia Nurvista, Gerda Steiner, Jörg Lenzlinger, and Anahita Razmi.

Exhibition facts

Museum Brot und Kunst
Forum Welternährung

2/07  14/10
Vernissage 2/07, 8 pm
Possibility to stream the films online from July 2nd, 9 pm CET until July 4th, 9 am and October 14th 9 pm CET until October 16th 9 am.

Salzstadelgasse 10
89073 Ulm
+49 (0)7 31 14009 0

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