Groups & schools

Group visit with ‘cross-pollinator’

‘Kruisbestuivers’ (‘cross-pollinators’) are guides that take you deep into the universe of Koen Vanmechelen and LABIOMISTA.

  • Number of participants: a maximum of 20 per ‘kruisbestuiver’
  • Cost of ‘kruisbestuiver’: €70 (Dutch) - €75 (English, French or German)
  • Ticket price: €8 per person for adults (all rates)
  • Duration of the tour: two hours


The tour can start no later than 5 pm. In October, the last tour starts at 4 pm.

Visits outside opening hours are only possible under the following conditions:

  • Under the supervision of a ‘kruisbestuiver’
  • Immediately following opening hours
  • Not possible on closing days


An educational package is being worked out for the 2020 season. Schools can book a regular tour with a ‘kruisbestuiver’. We recommend this for ages 16 and up.