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Hear me, See me: a community project


Four young locals take you on a tour of Zwartberg, their home. They’ll introduce you to the neighbourhood and its residents. Let’s listen to their stories!

Stebo, Gigos and Villa Basta gave four young people from Nieuwe Kempen a crash course in the skills of reporting. They engaged in conversations with people from their own neighbourhood. You can watch their videos on your smartphone as you walk around Zwartberg.

The starting point is The Ark, the reception building at LABIOMISTA.


Practical info

  • Keep your smartphone close at hand.
  • Along the way, you’ll see signs with QR codes. Scan these codes to watch the corresponding videos.
  • For directions, follow the signs on the ground and/or use the route map (available at reception in LABIOMISTA)
  • Feel free to have a look around and chat with the locals along the way!
  • The route is 2,3km long and takes about 1 hour.
  • How about something to eat or drink on the go? You’ll be passing by an Italian trattoria, a baker’s, a grill place, and a chip shop. And you’ll arrive at Nomadland, the neighbourhood meeting place based on a concept by Koen Vanmechelen, where food and drinks are served regularly from gypsy wagons in cheerful colours.


  • This project was realised with funding from the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project.
  • It’s an initiative by Stebo vzw, in collaboration with Gigos, Villa Basta, LABIOMISTA and OpUnDi Genk.
  • The project was possible only thanks to the enthusiasm of the young people and local residents who participated in it.
  • Graphic design: Marijn Carton.
  • Project contact: Stebo vzw / Jens Vaes / jens.vaes@stebo.be
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