Think the unthinkable

Think the Unthinkable. With and within this world. Propelled by your dreams. Inspired by LABIOMISTA’s unique environment. Sheltered by the freedom of the arts. Empowered by the encounter with others. Discover, remember, cherish, question, learn, translate, pass on. Follow in the footsteps of Archimedes and Euclid and help build our library for the new world, a library of the future. Of your future.

Want to take part in The Unthinkable Experiment?

Find out more about the various options below. Contact us with your ideas to come and work in one of our knowledge boxes as a Young Nomad, alone or with your ‘bubble’. Or register for one of the fixed courses and contribute to our knowledge chapters for the future.

LaMouseion is expecting you!

LaMouseion © Koen Vanmechelen, Kris Vervaeke

Chapter Freedom

Together with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), we’re looking for 30 inquisitive young people, ages 17 to 27, who are keen to explore the meaning of freedom together, and who are so close to the future they can smell it! Propelled by your dreams, come and reflect together with others about which future our present should have. Come and think the Unthinkable, on the frontier between wilderness and civilisation.

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Chapter Black Stork Baby

Inspired by the live installation Black Stork Baby, LABIOMISTA in cooperation with Hoge Kempen National Park and UHasselt Field Research Centre initiates the debate around a series of ethical-philosophical themes. Enter the border between culture and nature. And come think and debate with us about the relation human, animal, and nature. About domestication and rewilding. About the importance, the necessity, and the risks of migration. About human's-, animals-, and nature’s rights and responsibility. About the role of animals in nature conservation. And about quarantine, safety, and captivity.


Young Nomads

We invite young people into our three knowledge containers to reflect on the future. Would you like to write, research and brainstorm in this unique setting? How about an immersion in Koen Vanmechelen’s Wonderlab? And then spend one or more days at LaMouseion? Send us a short motivation. All we ask is that you leave the final result of the knowledge you accumulated in our Library of Collected Knowledge (L.O.C.K), our growing, open-source library of the future / Open for all and for everyone.


Chapter The Future of Education 

Inspired by the environment of LABIOMISTA. With complete artistic freedom. In connection with others. That is were you and 9 other students of Hogeschool PXL and UHasselt will think about the future of education. (What does the recent, worldwide lockdown tell us about the future of education? Does the current way of educating even prepare the youngsters for the challenges of tomorrow? Can it be different? Does it have to be different?). We invite you to think the unthinkable.